Development + Design

You need a website built, and I want to build a website for you.

From simple pages to complex websites, from games to logo design - I’ve got you covered.

I always hand-code each of my sites to the strictest and latest web standards. What does this mean for you? Among other things, it means that your site will look as good as it does on your computer as it will on your friends’ computers and on your friends’ friends’ computers - AND it will look just as pristine for years to come.

Each new project that I take on is treated as a unique challenge. No cookie-cutter sites here. I start with a clean slate and design a site for you that is uniquely yours.

Okay. Sure. But who the heck am I? You can find my CV here.


What would be more awesomer than a custom game made just for you?

In my opinion, not much.

Think about it. You want to drive traffic to your website. Right? And if you can get new visitors - as well as returning users - coming back to your site time and time again because of the buzz surrounding a cool game that can only be played at, you’ve got the golden ticket.

If you think a game might be a good fit for your brand, drop me a line so we can chat about how I can create one for your website!